AWRI celebrates 60 years of research and technical support

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) recently celebrated 60 years of delivering research and technical support to the Australian wine sector. Since 1955, the AWRI has undertaken research that delivers practical outcomes back to the local wine sector.

Some of the AWRI’s earliest research included discovering the source of lead in wines and the influence of fermentation conditions on the yield of ethanol.

Sixty years later, the AWRI now employs 115 scientists, winemakers, viticulturists and technical staff and there are still strong links with these early areas of research to current projects including the effects of metals in wine and developing full-flavour lower-alcohol wines.

AWRI Managing Director Dr Dan Johnson said that the organisation is proud of the scientific achievements it has accomplished over the last 60 years and how this has supported the Australian wine sector.

‘In the end all of the science comes down to supporting our wine community to make wines that consumers want to buy and enjoy drinking’, Dr Johnson said.

‘Many people and organisations have contributed to the AWRI’s 60 year history. I’d like to thank past and present staff and directors, our funding bodies (in particular the Australian Grape and Wine Authority) and our scientific collaborators across the world.

‘Most importantly, I thank the grapegrowers and winemakers of Australia and their representative bodies for their continuing support. We look forward to working with them on the next 60 years of scientific breakthroughs’.

Staff at the Australian Wine Research Institute.
Staff at the Australian Wine Research Institute.