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Completed Projects

Attendance at the 16th Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (ICVG), Dijon, France August-September 2009

  • Date Completed: 2009-09-30
  • Project Supervisor: Constable, Fiona

With funding from Wine Australia and SARDI, Dr Mark Sosnowski traveled to Chile to attend the 7th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases in Santa Cruz, Chile and to visit researchers at the University of Talca and the Catholic University of Chile. The objectives of the travel were to acquire the latest information on grapevine diseases, disseminate eutypa dieback research findings from Australia, develop and enhance international collaborations and promote a bid for Australia to host the 8th IWGTD in 2012. New knowledge on grapevine disease research has been acquired to incorporate into GWRDC projects along with ideas for modification of procedures which will improve the efficiency of current research and strengthen future proposals. For example, there is need for further research to optimise application of pruning wound protection and provide data for registration of fungicides along with elucidating the effects of stress, caused by increasing temperatures and decreased water availability, on disease. Collaborative links were strengthened with researchers from organisations around the world particularly at the Universities of Talca and the Catholic University of Chile. Recommendations include the incorporation of acquired information on grapevine diseases into GWRDC projects and proposals for new collaboration, particularly on eutypa dieback. Several opportunities for international collaboration in Chile, Spain and the US have been identified and proposals are being initiated.

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Determining the relative importance to wine consumers of sensory and non-sensory attributes on liking and choice: a cross-cultural study

  • Date Completed: 2009-09-20
  • Project Supervisor: Lockshin, Larry

The objective of the project was to understand the relative impact of sensory and non-sensory (e.g., packaging, pricing) attributes on consumer wine choice, and to develop methods capable of measuring and predicting consumer reaction to changes in these variables. Four main methods were used in this project: sensory evaluation, chemical analysis, simulated choices of wines, and actual sales based on AC Nielsen data.

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Travel by John Blackman to Pangborn Sensory Symposium

  • Date Completed: 2009-08-30
  • Project Supervisor: Saliba, Anthony

The funding for this travel grant allowed John Blackman to attend the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, Florence, Italy in July 2009. The Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium is regarded as the most important international scientific event fro the disciplines of sensory and consumer sciences. The organising committee received over 700 abstracts which were evaluated by 48 recognised sensory and consumer scientists, and 72 were selected for presentation during the oral programmes. Poster presentations were organised in four sessions according to specific themes, and in total 504 posters were presented.

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6th In Vino Analytica Scientia Conference, Angers, France

  • Date Completed: 2009-07-10
  • Project Supervisor: Wilkinson, Kerry

The 6th In Vino Analytica Scientia conference was held in Angers, France from July 2nd to 4th 2009 and attracted 200 delegates from 22 different countries. The conference discussed analytical techniques in wine science.

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Investigating the effects of polyacrylamide in a commercial grade trial

  • Date Completed: 2009-06-30
  • Project Supervisor: Phillips, Shane

Several years of market volatility followed by drought had left the Riverland region precariously poised. The extent of the market depression and the drought caught many within the grape industry ill prepared and winegrape growers were left wanting for decision support tools and practical applications of science to assist their profitability under pressure.

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Sustainable Phylloxera management phase 11

  • Date Completed: 2009-06-30
  • Project Supervisor: Powell, Kevin

Phylloxera is a serious threat to production and deserves attention on several fronts, including expansion of knowledge of the pest through research, examination of the circumstances and implications surrounding outbreaks, improvement of practices in infested vineyards and extension of information to grapegrowers.

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