Media release – GWRDC announces 2014–15 investment priorities

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) has confirmed four priority areas for new investments in research, development and extension (RD&E) for 2014–15.

GWRDC will issue a targeted call for research proposals in the three priority areas of process efficiency, vineyard profitability, and biosecurity. There will also be strategic investments made in the area of developing people as part of GWRDC’s extension and adoption program.

‘GWRDC is committed to providing active direction for research providers through a targeted call for research proposals in priority areas,’ said GWRDC Executive Director Dr Stuart Thomson.

‘These areas have been identified by our stakeholders and the broader grape and wine sector as key priorities for future investment and research will aim to generate enhanced knowledge and improved practices that support a competitive Australian wine sector,’ said Dr Thomson.

The 2014–15 priority areas were identified following extensive consultation with industry stakeholders as part of the development of GWRDC’s five-year Strategic Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Plan 2012–17.

As with previous investment rounds, GWRDC Management plans to commission gaps and needs analyses to identify the researchable questions.

Management will then provide face-to-face briefings for potential research providers on the priority areas, drawing on the gaps and needs analyses to provide specific information about what the major gaps in knowledge are and what areas are most likely to provide benefit to the sector.

GWRDC will open the call for investment applications in the areas of process efficiency and vineyard profitability following a researcher briefing day to be held in late May. Preliminary project applications will be due Friday 28 June.

A call for investment applications in the area of biosecurity will be made in February 2014.

For detailed information about GWRDC’s four priority areas for investment in 2014–15 – vineyard profitability (sub-program 1.3), biosecurity (diagnostic protocols; sub-program 1.5), process efficiency (sub-program 3.3) and developing people (sub-program 4.2) – refer to GWRDC’s five-year RD&E plan.

More information on applications can be found on the applying and reporting page.

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