Media Release – GWRDC: Supporting a competitive Australian wine sector

Research that leads to innovation, as well as research outcomes that can be adopted by the Australian wine sector, are key goals in the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation’s new strategic plan.

‘GWRDC investments over the next five years will be guided by the strategic research priorities of the Australian Government and the Australian grape and wine sector’, said GWRDC Chair the Hon Rory McEwen.

‘GWRDC invests in and directs RD&E along the whole value chain “from vine to glass” to support a competitive Australian wine sector’, Mr McEwen said.

‘Over the next five years, GWRDC expects to invest in the order of $100-125 million’, he said.

‘We would like to thank all of our stakeholders, and in particular the Australian Government, Wine Grape Growers Australia and the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, for helping identify their research priorities and for their valuable contribution to our plan’, he said.

GWRDC’s Strategic Research, Development and Extension Plan 2012-17 is available here

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