Media release – Minister approves GWRDC’s investment focus for 2012–13

In 2012-13, the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) will invest more than $21.9 million in research, development and extension across the whole value chain.

This investment focus is outlined in our Annual Operational Plan 2012-13, which has now been approved by the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator the Hon Joe Ludwig.

The annual operational plan is the first under GWRDC’s new five-year Strategic Research, Development and Extension Plan 2012-17,anddetails the projects in which we will invest, and how the expected outcomes will support a competitive Australian wine sector.

‘New investments in 2012-13 of more than $2.5 million will focus on four high-priority and six priority areasthat were identified through extensive consultation with our stakeholders and a review of our existing investments’, said GWRDC Chair the Hon Rory McEwen.

GWRDC’s four high-priority areas for new investments are Adoption strategies, Biosecurity, Consumer insights and Objective measures of quality. The further six priority areas of significance are Climate change adaptability, Improving spray efficacy, Market access, Packaging and transport, Pest and disease management and Vine balance and yield variability.

‘The investments outlined in this annual operational plan are guided by the strategic research priorities of our primary stakeholders, the Australian Government, The Winemakers’ Federation of Australia and Wine Grape Growers Australia, as well as the broader Australian grape and wine sector’, Mr McEwen said.

Expressions of interest for Consumer insights and Objective measures of quality research projects are due on 24 August 2012, as are preliminary project applications for research in the six priority areas. Further information is available on the GWRDC website.

‘We thank our stakeholders for identifying their priorities and look forward to working with them to help achieve an Australian wine sector that is profitable, competitive and sustainable through innovation’, Mr McEwen said.

– Ends –

GWRDC invests in and directs research, development and extension (RD&E) along the whole value chain ‘from vine to glass’ to support a competitive Australian wine sector.

We collaborate with our key stakeholders to coordinate and direct our investments to best address the sector’s RD&E priorities. GWRDC is funded by grapegrowers and winemakers, who pay levies on the annual winegrape crush, and the Australian Government, which provides matching funds.

GWRDC’s Annual Operational Plan 2012-13 is available for download below