RD&E call for applications

Wine Australia is inviting research, development and extension project applications in climate adaptation, economic sustainability and quality and provenance – three high-priority areas identified in its five-year strategic plan.

The call for collaborative multi-disciplinary proposals will help achieve Wine Australia’s goal of a prosperous Australian grape and wine community and is the second targeted call in 2015, with applications sought earlier in the year for project proposals in customer and market insights and digital viticulture.

For the priority area of climate adaptation, Wine Australia is seeking projects that focus on viticultural treatments to manage the effects of climate change.

In the priority area of economic sustainability, projects are sought that focus on information, innovations and tools that enhance winery profitability and thus economic sustainability.

In quality and provenance, projects are sought that focus on better understanding how and why fine Australian wines reflect their provenance and terroir and what changes in management practices can be adopted to more optimally express unique Australian terroirs. Wine Australia is also seeking projects that contribute to the development of objective measures of wine quality.

Projects should build on international research and current Wine Australia-funded projects, particularly those that will be finalised by July 2016.

Preliminary project applications are due by Friday 6 November 2015. If you wish to discuss a potential research project, please contact Keith Hayes or Liz Waters on 08 8228 2000.

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