China Wine Barometers (CWB): a look into the future


To track the attitudes, perceptions and behaviour towards Australian wines in China over 2013–2015 in order to generate forecasts about the grape varieties, regions, brands, price points and wine styles that the Chinese will consume in the next five years.

In a global wine market characterised by consumption saturation in mature markets, the key to growth is market development and targeted marketing in emerging wine markets such as China. Identifying and tracking the attitudes, perceptions and wine buying behaviour of Chinese wine consumers will contribute significantly to consumer insights and market development.

The Australian industry can gain the edge from its competitors in the Chinese market through advanced analytics and specialised tracking methodologies that aid decision making by augmenting a current commercial wine tracker with more focused and generic insights. There is a need for this knowledge to be presented in a functional and understandable manner in order to assist Australian stakeholders across the entire channel from grape production to trade development and sales strategy.

Research approach
The research will identify key triggers along the path to purchase and the factors that moderate buying behaviour. The opportunity exists to track the behavioural evolution of Chinese wine preferences in order to develop a forecast model to predict future buyer behaviour.