Managing eutypa dieback – video series


Video series by Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association, supported through the Wine Australia Regional Program for SA North.

Video 1: Introduction and identification with Colin Hinze
Video 2: Monitoring and surveying with Mark Sosnowski
Video 3: Decision making – part 1 with Colin Hinze and Malcolm Parish
Video 4: Decision making – part 2 with Justin Willoughby
Video 5: Reworking – remedial surgery and vineyard hygiene with Dick Bryksy and Malcolm Parish
Video 6: Reworking – an alternative approach with John Barry
Video 7: Reworking – vine training with Dick Bryksy
Video 8: Preventing infection – pruning measures with John Barry
Video 9: Preventing infection – fungicide spraying with Ben Blows
Video 10: The old days with Dick Bryksy