Trunk disease, Shiraz and collaboration are key areas Victorian regional program

Victorian growers and wineries will hear the latest treatment and management advice on trunk disease in November with a series of workshops taking place across six regions.

As part of the Greater Victoria Regional Program for 2014–15, funded by the Australian Grape and Wine Authority, workshops will be held in the Yarra Valley, Mornington, Bendigo, Geelong, Wangaratta and Ararat.

The Australian Wine Research Institute Victorian Node Manager Dr Mark Krstic said there had been a lot of new developments in the area of trunk disease recently, so it was important that growers arm themselves with the latest treatment advice and management practices.

Last year’s popular Shiraz benchmarking workshops and the Pinot conference will also return as part of the Regional Program.

“The Shiraz benchmarking project will be extended to the Grampians, Pyrenees, Bendigo and Heathcote this year,” Dr Krstic said.

“It’s proven to be an excellent way to involve the hands-on staff in the vineyard and winery, who are helping to gather and connect data like bunch-zone temperatures and vine management practices with quality parameters and taste profiles.

“As a result, we’re starting to see some really interesting regional results and in doing so learning from each other and being able to set some real regional benchmarks.”

The Pinot Massif Conference will return on 26–27 November, with support provided from the Regional Program.

“Our role in the conference is to help put the latest research in front of those attending. Last year, we looked at managing eucalyptus flavours in Pinot and it was really well received,” he said.

“This year, we will be looking at what’s happening in the areas of phenolic chemistry – in particular improving colour stabilisation and mouthfeel properties in Pinot Noir.”

Smoke taint is still on the agenda, with the Regional Program continuing to support ongoing work at the Centre for Expertise in SmokeTaint Research.

Dr Krstic said work to develop assays for growers to better measure smoke taint levels in grapes continued and plans were underway for a conference in Melbourne next May to showcase the results that have been achieved in this field over the past few years.

This year, the 2014–15 Greater Victoria Regional Program will also host two Victorian viticultural technical forums. The first, to be held in February in the Yarra, will look at the latest research in flavour development in the vineyard. The second workshop, due in May in Sunbury, will discuss next generation planting material.

The final part of this year’s Regional Program will step out of the vineyard and science labs with a Consumer and Market Insights Symposium, to be held later this year.

Dr Krstic said presenters, such as Professor Larry Lockshin from the University of South Australia and others from the University of Adelaide, will present their latest research around wine consumers, in both domestic and international markets.


Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir